ZelosWeb has undergone rebranding. Come check out the new Grindstone Design.

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Team Zelos


ZelosWeb is a team of digital craftsman who are passionate about creating unique sites, content, and experiences on the web. Whether it's a new graphic, a new page, or just a new social profile we approach every thing we do online with the vigor and drive to make it the best.

The core team all found each other through various personal and professional online projects that revolved around web design and marketing in one form or another. Over time it just made sense to put our talents together, under one roof, and eventually we named that place ZelosWeb.

Grindstone Ethics

We believe we've been successful in what we do because our main guiding principle is so simple: work your ass off, don't cut corners.

When we take the time and care to do things to our full potential we know that the results will be favorable. It makes our clients happier, it earns us repeat business and new referrals, and it makes us a better company in every way.